Long story, short:

Grow your brand with free shorty links.
PS: Username is also on us!

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Fast Links - Ready in 5 Seconds!

This is how this goes:

  • 1. Paste your long, unmemorable link in URL field.
  • 2. Choose expiration time for the link.
  • 3. Press Generate.
  • 4. Done!
  • 5. Your short link will be generated and you are good to go!
  • 6. Can it be faster than this?

PS: For better experience, scroll down. 🙂

Fast links, but with more options

Ok, we know that sometimes your brand needs more options and powerful options. For example, you may need a username for your brand so you can generate custom links with it? Or, maybe you need some kind of statistics to see how many users have used your links? We also got you covered here as well! And the best of all - it is FREE.

Go to registration, create your free account for all Lab387 applications and you are good to go. Shorty, Calculy, Quizy and many more apps are now yours to use! FREE OF CHARGE!

What are you waiting for?
PS: If you want more information, look down below!

Let's go through Shorty's options

Inside the Shorty, you can use following features:

  • 1. Create a new link which never expires, automatically generated.
  • 2. Create a new custom link with your username.
  • 3. Choose a domain for the link.
  • 4. Test the link and copy it very easy.
  • 5. Edit generated link if you make some mistakes.
  • 6. Archive generated link if you don't need it anymore.
  • 7. Restore link from archive to active links.
  • 8. Set link as a example for others.
  • 9. Go through insights for every link individually.
  • 10. Download insights in PDF.
  • 11. Choose your username (if it is not taken).
  • 12. Embed Shorty inside your website.

Also, you can use Shorty in light or dark mode - your preference!If you need more information, please see our FAQ. If not, go and register so you can use all those features.


How much does Shorty cost?

Shorty is free. It is and it always will be free. It is our job to create free and simple tools for everyone so we can all focus on the stuff that matter (we also use Shorty for our projects, isn't that enough?)🙂

What features are available inside Shorty?

You can use generated links which do not expire (not ever, a-a), custom links with your username (sorry, brand username). Also, you can choose a domain for the link, you can test generated link and copy it for further use. You can edit generated link, archive it if you don't need it anymore or restore it back to active links. If you want, you can place your link in the examples for other users. Also you can see how many times the links are clicked on, with powerful option to track the browsers, countries and cities for every link. And, you can download insights in PDF.

Which domains are available inside Shorty?

For now we offer only shorty.ba and 000.ba domain for url shortener, but we plan to add more in the future. Don't worry, we are on it!

How can I create my link in dashboard?

Login and then go to "Create link" option in the sidebar. Insert your link name (so you can know where is what), your original URL and then click "Create Link". Also, there is an option for creating custom link with your username.

How can I use free username for my brand?

It is easy. Login and then go to the Settings in the sidebar. In the first section reserved for username enter your brand name. And that is it. Now when you create custom link, the username will be appended to it automatically.

How can I see the insights for my links?

Login and choose "Insights" in the sidebar menu. Then select your link and you will get insights for it. It can't be faster than this, really.

How can I archive my link?

Login and you are on the dashboard right away. Find your link and just click "Archive". Your link will be disabled and it will be moved to the "Archives" option in the sidebar menu.

How can I restore an archived link?

Login and choose "Archives" option in the sidebar menu. Find your link and click "Restore". Your link will be automatically enabled again and it will be moved to the dashboard with the other active links.

Do you offer dark mode for the app?

Yes, of course! We love dark mode so we implemented it for every app we created. Just click on the icon in the top right corner of the menu, and your Shorty will be in dark mode.

Is Shorty mobile friendly?

Of course it is! All our applications are mobile friendly. Today, 80%+ of users prefer mobile phones while browsing and working and we are aware of it. So, no worries? 😄

Why are you using .ba domain extension for short links? Where is .com?

We are really proud to say that we are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and our home domain extension is .ba. Therefore, we use it to promote our country and culture, and of course, because it is really short domain extension which helps us create memorable links.

Why am I redirected to the admin.lab387.com when trying to login or register?

Admin panel, or how we call it "AdminLab" is part of our software which handles registrations, logins and everything else for user account for all our apps. We developed it, so you can create one account and use all our apps (free and paid) like Shorty, Calculy, Quizy, etc. We removed clutter so you can easily access everything. Handy, isn't it?

Who developed Shorty?

Shorty is developed by "OD Lab 387" company from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our base is in the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo, but we are fully remote. You can find our people in almost every part of the country, and we are really proud of it.

Why did you develop Shorty?

Well, to be sincere, Shorty started as an exercise for our intern Armin Ovčina. As time passed by, we realized the importance of this app, so our developer Mladen Đoković also started working on it with other team members for connecting to the AdminLab (Nirman Đulbić and Admir Hodžić), design (Snežana Raonić), testing (Almin Hebibović), UX testing and copywriting (Ivana Aranza) and managing app development (Amar Bešlija). Now we have application that is proudly made in Bosnia and Herzegovina and used worldwide, for free. Our goal was to help everyone to have premium features at no cost at all - and we did it!

What if I want to request a feature?

If you want to request a feature, you can go

What if I find a bug and want to report it?

Well, we all know there is no bug free software, but we all try. So if you find some bugs, please go here You can describe what happened, how it happened and what browser and OS you are using. This is really helpful and we are not afraid of bugs! So feel free to write!

What if I want to contact you for something else?

If you have a need to contact us regarding anything else than feature a request or a bug report, you can do it here We are open to good conversations, new partners and customers. And also, we are friendly. 🙂